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We do not diagnose or treat disease. We look at the underlying function of the body and make suggestions based on client analysis to help improve function.

Metabolic Typing

With the help of two questionnaires, we will find out what foods work best for you and at the same time, how the foods you presently eat affect you with regard to your stress, sleep cycle, when you eat, digestion and detoxification. This will be the ultimate complement to your Functional Protocol.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Here is where we find out clinically how your body is functioning and at what level your stress reaction is.

Our first test/kit is Functional Adrenal Stress Profile. This is a saliva test that measures your general stress and hormone levels including Cortisol, DHEA, estrogen, testosterone to name a few. This analysis is a critical first step in new patient evaluation as well as a fundamental component in followup studies.

The second recommended test/kit is a Metabolic Assessment Profile. Here we check for malabsorption, maldigestion and detoxification problems.

The third recommended foundational test/kit is the Mucosal Barrier Function Screen. Your digestive system (mouth, throat, stomach, intestines etc.) is protected by a thin "second skin" call ed the Mucosal Barrier. This is your first line of defense against infectious agents as well as protection of food sensitivities. This test will tell us how well your cells are protected.

When these tests are presented together, the result is a clearer picture of how the client's body is metabolizing and functioning and allows us to use targeted therapies to improve function.

Karl K Scott
Karl K Scott

These are the actual areas that we look at when we check for optimal function and performance.

  • Advanced Online Metabolic Typing Assessment
  • Hormone/Immune System
  • Digestion/Detoxification
  • Mucosal Barrier Function
  • Helicobacter Pylori (stool)/GI Pathogen Screen

And these are the tests we use

Advanced Online Metabolic Typing Test

205 Adrenal Stress Profile, Plus V ($164 lab fee)

101 Metabolic Assessment Profile ($120 lab fee)

304 Mucosal Barrier Function ($255 lab fee)

401H GI Profile ($255 lab fee)

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