Effective Results

Melissa Lun

I am a busy working professional in the public relations field, where I work long hours and finding time to go to the gym and make the best use of my time has always been a challenge. My workouts have always been very sporadic and something that has not been a priority. I have had various personal trainers for about 10 years, but none have I been able to vouch as a professional and educated trainer that not only listens to his or her client, but also genuinely wants to shape and sculpt your body into a healthy and more than satisfying figure.

The day I met Karl Scott he told me that I could see results in two months or less. I found this hard to believe. I told him I had a trip to go to in Hawaii in two months and that I could, at most, see him 2 days a week, and that I was recovering from a shoulder injury 6 months ago. In those past 6 months, I had gone to physical therapy, but I never felt an improvement in my shoulder and was still unable to work out; I could barely lift a two pound weight with my left arm. In those two months, not only did I gain strength by boxing and strength training, lost 4 pounds, had a flattering stomach, gained confidence to use my left shoulder (up to 20lbs currently), but also was motivated to want to be healthy. Karl is reasonable and understands many different people's personal and work lifestyles, and tries to fashion your workout regime to fit your needs. As a tier three trainer, I have complete confidence and have recommended him to all of my friends and family. He makes working out fun, is at all times punctual. Getting up to go the gym at 6:00 am is not easy, but Karl makes it all worth while.

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