Effective Results

Susan Zimmer

I hate nothing more than working out, even though I have been doing it in various incarnations for over 25 years.

Since my 40's, and now after turning 50, I know I need to work out even harder if I want the stamina to hike, bike, ski, nowboard adn rollerblade. Not to mention adjusting my workout to fight that awful "middle age spread" and weight gain.

Karl offered personal, practical advice and taught me new ways to use my workout time more efficiently while making most of each individual exercise - whether kickboxing, doing Pilates or working with weights - by involving my whole body, instead of just individual parts.

Karl doesn't believe in "no pain, no gain" so right away I liked him! He helped me lose 7 pounds in 6 weeks adn it was actually fun.

I would highly recommend karl to anyone who wants a trainer who will take the time to listen to their personal concerns and asses their needs in order to obtain their fitness goals.

Thank you, Karl

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